Personal stationery for a new baby! We tweaked ‘From the Desk of’ to ‘From the Crib of’ and leveraged both chiaroscuro design and custom illustration plus watercolor wash. We also explored a variety of paper tones and mediums to determine how deeply we wanted to lean into a vintage feel. All content was printed on archival quality paper, thick card stock and matching eggshell envelopes. We landed on two types of paper for production: A natural white that has a very light whisper of cream (more obvious when you put it next to something that is a bright white) and a soft white option for a more vintage feel.


From the Crib Of Personal Stationery

Straight vs Euro Envelopes with a matching eggshell texture

RHM Monogram, ink design with watercolor wash, closeup of the eggshell texture of the paper.

Digital mock before printing: