Modern Heraldry

Lydia specializes in designing modern-meets-classic, artisan heraldic crests, created just for you, to frame or mail. All pieces are based in spot calligraphy and ink illustration, with typography, long form calligraphy, and watercolor added as desired.  

Your crest will include illustrated motifs of importance to you personally, your special event, or your gift recipient. Elements of typical historical heraldic achievements (shields, animal supporters on either side, banners) are often included, or alluded to (think a frame of flowers, in a shield like shape). 

Designs are typically commissions to be printed as as holistic a stationery suite, or on larger paper ready for framing. Examples include wedding vows framed with items of importance from the big day, family name crests including pets, thank you cards for a baby shower, or save the dates for an upcoming wedding.  For more information about typical commission types, including add-on services like addressing or full event (typically wedding) suites, see below. Or, click learn more in this section to learn more about modern heraldry

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Commemorative Art Prints

Do you want a design to hang in your home, or give as a gift, rather than on stationery? I can make that happen! This is a fun opportunity to design a more detailed crest, printed at a larger scale. This can make a great gift for your one year wedding “paper” anniversary, if we include wedding vows or first dance lyrics with motifs from your wedding like the venue, or key flower types. Have another creative idea? The sky is the limit! The most unique request I’ve received is for a personalized bookplate.

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Stationery Design

Flats or folded stationery, featuring your very own heraldic crest, with free standing motifs of your choosing. We will design a personal or brand motif that can be used for thank yous, greetings, congratulations, general correspondence, holidays, love letters and more. Optional inclusions add-on services, such as addressing services, envelope enclosure / return address stickers. 

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Wedding Suites

Available as an expanded suite of your custom crest

First of all, oh my goodness, so many congratulations! I’m so happy for you two!  You may be interested in commissioning a cohesive wedding invitation suite. If so, I can help with any of the many number of elements you want to include in your suite. Designs for all of the pieces will riff off our primary heraldic crest based invitation design. 

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Addressing Services

Available as an add-on Service only
  • Set-up fee (vs a minimum order count)
  • Inner and outer envelope count
  • Return address method
  • Ink color; custom ink mixing
  • Dark and/or lined envelopes
  • Calligraphic style
  • Bespoke flourishing
  • Postage stamp curation
  • Postage stamp purchasing
  • Local pick-up vs shipping
  • Address format preparation

In ye olden times, mailmen riding on horses got envelopes pretty dirty. Outer envelopes could give the address and formal names, and it was okay if they got messy. Inner envelopes could be more personalized and kept pristine. Today, some folks still enjoy including inner/outer envelopes in their formal invitation suites.

Our baseline quote for addressing services cover the agreed upon hand lettering services and ink only. I.E  you provide your own paper materials. Alternatively, you can always inquire for help with custom invitation design, including envelope curation, and printing!

P.S. Envelopes will need to be provided at a 30% overage of the total household/business addresses. And, if your envelopes are dark in color or lined, we may have to charge a larger setup fee (if your personal template can’t shine through with a light box, the work around is a bit time intensive).

If you elect for help selecting, purchasing, and / or applying postage – which we’d love to assist with – then we will include those costs in our quote. Postage stamps are another opportunity to speak to the tone of your mail. They are beautiful little works of art, and when chosen with care, can add another bit of personal flavor alongside the carefully hand lettered address on an envelope.

Your weight and size of your envelope determines your respective mail class. This means we will need to know the weight of your full suite – we can help with this if you don’t have a digital scale. Or, your local USPS can advise if you bring it in.

Depending on the postage value required, you could elect for combining multiple postage pieces into a stamp collage that totals to your postage needed, or you may want to or be able to use just one stamp. Postage options include vintage postage stamps with variable values, forever stamps (provided currently by USPS or not), or stamps with larger values, like a 2 ounce or global stamp.

Whether we curate your postage for you or not, it’s important to know what stamps we will be using before an envelope is hand lettered, as we want to be sure to leave enough room on the envelope for your selection. 

Finally, if you want the extra time saving help of postage stamp application, the cost varies by the stamps chosen, and we can quote you for that service as well.

We recommend you reserve the back of your envelope for return addressing, and we offer up a few options to do so. We could quote you for creating a custom mailing sticker that also serves as a backup sealantyour envelope, or creating a custom ink stamp, or even hand lettering each individual envelope for that extra touch.

Addresses should provided in a word document by client in the following general format (repeated for each address):

Name(s) Line 1
Names Line 2 (if applicable)
Street Address, Unit Number (if applicable)
City, State Zip Code Country (if not USA)

Mr. Samuel Smith {or informally as Sam, or Sam Smith} 40 Peachtree Lane, #4
Atlanta, GA 30307


We do not charge for extra address lines! Instead we make it easy, pricing per envelope and getting creative with how we fit the variable nature of addresses on the envelope. Therefore you will notice address placement and size variation within your envelope set.

Provide salutations, couples, households, and business names as you desire them written out. Some folks follow Emily Post level protocol while other prefer to be more informal/familiar.

For hand delivery, replace all address information with ‘Hand-Delivered’. We will write that with flourishing on the envelope in a style of the chosen calligraphic hand.

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Packaging & Shipping

Available as an add-on to custom commissions only

Have you commissioned a design for stationery or a print as a gift? One of my love languages is gift giving and I would just love to make your gift oh so special and packaged with gift wrap, some surprise in-theme goodies, and a personal card with a note from you that I transcribe. If you live in Atlanta, we can meet in person over a coffee, I can coordinate provide priority shipping services.

Special Projects

Taken on Selectively

Do you have a special project in mind? Maybe a hand lettered calligraphy project with raw elements – not used in a design for printing but to frame or showcase in the original form. Or, do you require place cards or addressing for an event where you already have invitations designed? I might be able to help! Let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll chat with you about how we can collaborate.

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