What is Modern Heraldry?

I specialize in creating modern heraldic achievements, ciphers, and coats of arms, often referred to today (at the chagrin of stickler historians!) simply as crests, illustrated monograms, or emblems.

I build out your custom design around ideas and images that are near and dear to your heart. We can go as literal or modern as you see fit.

Your modern coat of arm can become the basis for a cohesive invitation and announcement suite, personal stationery, or custom…anything! From embroidery to to dishware.  At a minimum, I recommend a standalone print to hang in your home.

Wedding Heraldry

What are some examples?

Core invitation and announcements stationery is recommended in 5.5in x 8.5in flats, with coordinating A9 contour flap envelopes. This leaves room for text to breathe within the design. For wedding suites we can also add other elements.

Personal or business stationery is recommended in a slightly smaller size of 5in x 7in flats, with coordinating A7 square flap envelopes.

Commemorative art (think family crest, pet remembrance, special event retroactive, vows) is recommended in anything from an 8in square up to an 11in x 14in, perfect for your framing.

All works are printed on thick 130 lb classic crest paper. I adore printing on an elegant hue of cream, or classic white, to let our content shine.

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