Prepare the fire

Spark, Enkindle, Ignite

Fan the flames

Time to create

Here are just a smatttering of motifs I might go riff on….


Spirit Animals

From pets to mythical creatures and heraldic supporters drawn in various attitudes, animals often have the most meaning to my clients. I typically create these in line work illustrations, or as looser playful watercolors


My name is

Perhaps embedded within a seal, or perhaps a standalone piece… use these to personalize everything from stationery to slippers


Florals and Foliage

You may want to incorporate bouquet blooms, or you may be more of a leaves lady. Let’s weave them in to our designs. I often use ink line work coupled with gouache / watercolor washes to craft motifs for digital designs


A for Architecture

Whether drawn centered face-on or at an angle, and depicted in realism or whimsical color blocks, it is a delight to snapshot special homes or historical venues and surrounding landscapes



Heraldic achievements, often referred to as crests, badges, or seals – include collage motifs as stand alone concepts or frame text-filled stationery


More is more

We may love our core design so much that we riff on repeating motifs to create a complimenting pattern design for use as an envelope liner, a backing enclosure, wallpaper…


Physical Mocks

For the discerning clients who choose to incorporate hand embellishment across their stationery pieces, I’ll craft a pre-production example. Think hand inking, gilding, gold leaf, seals, ribbon wraps, and beyond

To frame


While I often use ink and/or gouache and watercolor to craft motifs for digital designs, I also specialize in chiaroscuro dark still lifes using acrylic black, for original artwork and signage


Stoke, Fuel, Glow

Revel in your custom piece

From original artwork for your homes, to illustration-led stationery, or day-of goods for live events – it’s time to enjoy!

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It’s all about you!

The custom process is incredibly intimate. For me to make something that is uniquely you, I have to get to know you! I find that absolutely the #1 most fun part about this entire thing. While I have my styles and ways of working, it’s so delightful to align them with your goals, getting to know you and your wishes / excitement / desires / family / pets / favorite florals and botanicals in the process. 

I am here when you just aren’t sure whether it makes sense to add another piece to your suite. I’m here when you are stressed about RSVPs coming through. I am here when you are getting over the moon excited for your special day. I’m here creating a view into the delightful imagery that represents you, your brand, your wedding, your story. 

…Stay in touch

Your journey doesn’t end here 🙂 I have so much fun designing everything and getting to know you in the process. I’d love to stay in touch! From following each other on social, to working together on a future passion project. Ask about being a Paper Phoenix Postcard Pen Pal…

I also love taking on friends of friends as clients, growing the passionate Paper Phoenix community. So, if you have a friend who needs help bringing their passion to life, put us in touch too!

Finally – please don’t hesitate to provide feedback. Your candid suggestions drive better experiences for your next project! 

Ready to make your dream a reality?

Each customer project is… custom. The first step is a discovery call so I can understand your unique needs.

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